Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brussels and Bruges

Our last stop on our European adventure was Belgium. We spent one day in Brussels, the capital of Europe, and a day in Bruges, now one of my favorite cities. Brussels was interesting. It had an old downtown center with cobblestone streets, and all surrounding it was a bustling metropolis. This is the main shopping street, and below it, the same street further down.

One of the main sights in Brussels is Mannekin Pis, a statue of a little boy no more than two feet tall. It's quite funny to think that this is the most famous statue is Belgium!

In Old Town, near Mannekin Pis is the main square, with gorgeous buildings and lots of chocolate shops. If there is one thing you have to get while in Belgium, it's chocolate!

And then, just a ten minute walk away, is the business district. What a difference! However, Brussels makes it work. We weren't able to visit the EU Buildings, but there is always next time!

Our next stop was Bruges, a small town that is just overflowing with character and charm. It was absolutely picturesque, and despite the freezing weather, Sarah and I really enjoyed just wandering around and exploring.
Chocolate is a big thing in Belgium, and it was cool to see all the little creations they made. Even little creatures and chocolate make-up! So cute.
Bruges is a city of bikes, and as you can see can get rather congested. But, it just adds to the charm, and everyone was very friendly and laid back. No one was in a rush to go anywhere, despite the cold.

As you can see, Bruges is absolutely beautiful, and it is a place I want to go back to in the spring or summer.

This statue is one of the few of Michaelangelo's found outside Italy. In Bruges of all places!

Belgium was a fantastic stop and I'm so glad we got to spend two days there, no matter how quickly it went. I was very happy to be heading back to London, however. Just one more stop until we go to go home!! Here is Sarah checking our flight status at the airport in Belgium. We got there so early, we were the only ones in the terminal!

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